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20-Nov-2017 11:07

(Last modified: 21Oct2005) This document (10083320) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.Dir XML Password Synchronization for Windows 1.0 Troubleshooting Guide Novell e Directory 8.7 for All Platforms Novell e Directory 8.6 for All Platforms Novell Dir XML Novell Account Management 2.1 for Windows 2000 Password Sync is not working Password changes don't propagate from e Directory to Active Directory/NT Password changes don't propagate from Active Directory/NT to e Directory nad Login Name attribute not being added to associated user objects The following is a methodology for troubleshooting Password Sync issues: 1.method username argument can be the same value types as the username you defined in your config.For Active Directory, this means you can authenticate a user using either a UPN, a text SID, a text GUID, a distinguished name, or just a normal username. However, you can adjust the option for the domain configuration to modify this behavior. NET developers can set a string value for this property through the This property gets a value indicating whether or not the membership provider is configured in such a way that it requires the user to answer a password question for password reset and retrieval.However, the provider can reset the password to a new, automatically generated password if the user supplies the correct password answer.Does the Password Sync object have the correct rights in the documentation?See Step 2: Install the Password Sync Service in the Password Sync Documentation. Is the nad Login Name attribute added to the publisher filter for AD and both publisher and subscriber for NT?

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This property can be set programmatically, or it can be set declaratively in the Web application configuration file using the Property Value The number of invalid password or password-answer attempts allowed before the user is locked out. If a user forgets a password that is in hashed format, the password cannot be retrieved.

I am trying to compare a password the users enters with a list of old passwords the user has set and then restrict users entering the same password when they attempt to change their password.

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