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“I realized that a lot of it was luck, and I wanted to crack this code.” For the most part, Valentines, now a 35-year-old engineer, was successful in the endeavor; his digital dating profiles saw success both online and in the real world.That is until last December, when he found his virtual pursuits were starting to become a burden—one he wanted to outsource to others.We met in the fall of 2012through Task Rabbit after I came across a post looking for “a digital cupid.”“I would like some help with the messaging part, so I can have fun with the actual date part,” he wrote.I learned that El_Zorro had recently moved to San Francisco from Mexico City.From the moment 16-year-old Matthew Valentines asked out a girl to an ice cream date after meeting her in a chat room, he knew he would master the online dating world.“After that first experience, I was convinced online dating was really cool,” he tells Vocativ.

I have committed dating fraud, but I did it to find love — not for myself, but for other people. I was an online dater for-hire, a courtship ghostwriter, a digital Cyrano de Bergerac.The CBC News Community team is Lauren O'Neil and John Bowman If you're part of the CBC News community, you're likely to meet one of us: we're the folks working to produce and promote your stories.