Bom top dating paul mccartney dating in 2016

14-Dec-2017 12:50

Fortunately, A was found by his manager and the incident was wrapped up without any problem. I believe that a lot is lost in translation for us Ifans, but imo this rumour unless someone bring a legit prove is so far fetched.

I used to be a TOP fan and there were news of his suicide attempt and dating rumors, so I stopped being a fan of him... [ 64, -4] Isn't it a YG idol whose name starts with T and S. TOP and Krystal was 2014, this is why it doesn't make sense... Like you don't know any more about them than anyone else so please stop with the theories. like, i might get it if you're suicidal yourself and hearing that your fave is also in the same position makes you feel worse and might push you over the edge so you disengage, but otherwise...? I do remember them promoting like crazy and making so many comebacks around that time, idk if it's because there weren't many groups back then but it felt like they were the only ones promoting all-year-round (a huge change from now), so I wouldn't be surprised if the pressure got to them.

Pann: Idol group top star A who has weird personalities Top star A is from an idol group. He was very popular among female celebrities, but a top star B could control A. The sponsor heard about B's relationship with A and got mad. Unfortunately, A found out about it and also got mad. The variety shows she guested were like Come to Play... Well I guess I never really checked the news back then. Some koren folks claimed in the net to have seen them in a bar or something, but since there wasn't pictures and it was a unusual pair nobody believe that fan acc.

She wasn't asked to serve service for her sponsor and she had a good relationship with him. My thoughts might be far-fetched but they do work in different fields and they're both top stars. Usually, a celebrity gets CF offers if their projects succeed but it went backwards for her. My dad went to the grocery store and brought hope a whole back of ice cream to help me as if i was dealing with a real breakup. Gosh, I didn't even know there were some news about him attempting suicide!

In front of cameras, he faked to be funny as bingu but at home, he'd drink wine, smoke, cry, and try to kill himself by taking the pills ㅋㅋ It's all obvious, TOP~ Fix your personalities ㅋㅋ Why do you think you're not like that anymore... [ 24, -1] The news broke out when I was in high school so I guess the fans wouldn't know these days.

[ 25, -12] Long-term fans all know TOP's personalities. You can sometimes see it on the broadcast and he uses it in his lyrics a lot. I just want to like his outside image but it only makes me frustrated when he shows the inside ㅋㅋ It's so tiring to live like TOP ㅋㅋ They're making him work when he wants to die. The bad cycle keeps on repeating ㅋㅋ His suicide news were during Sunset Glow, when Bigbang was performing on music shows.

I was originally scared of him because he had a cold image, but after meeting him, I found him to be considerate. He holds me dear."Lee So Ra joked, "Are there a lot of men who hold you dear? Dara also talked about her relationship with Lee Dong Wook, explaining that she had worked as a translator for him once when he went to the Philippines.

2NE1's Park Bom appeared on the April 9 installment of KBS's radio show 'Lee So Ra's Music Plaza' and talked about her ideal type and acquaintance, actor Lee Dong Wook.

And a lot of bandwagon fans have blamed her for not being able to have a comeback and to a lesser degree, Minzy's leaving.

Park Bom has every right to dine with whoever she wants.

Meanwhile, Dara picked her ideal type to be a man who was single-minded.

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