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And, now its public record after David Brooks of wrote a compelling piece called "Why Men Fail." Our boys (and some girls) seem to be lacking what is needed for contemporary success—while our girls seem to be doing great. I come to think of these guys as Case Example: After dropping out of college, Zachary now stays at home and does nothing productive. He works a little, but for the most part spends his time at home slacking. Are you or someone you know simply stuck at home, feeling like child in a co-dependent relationship with your parents? Stuck At Home: If you're in your twenties, you probably know people who fit the Avoidant description.

If you're a parent, you may have your own Avoider; and any your friends may be co-dependent with a 25-year-old son. First things first; you can't underestimate the destructive power of a terrible economy on a person's psyche.

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Click here to read the recap of the Small Business Town Hall series. Department of Labor is proposing a new rule that would require federal contractors and subcontractors to set a hiring goal of having 7 percent of their workforces be people with disabilities! Tony Gentry, Ph D OTR/L, director of the Assistive Technology for Cognition (ATC) Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) created this video to introduce strategies for using video modeling to assist people with autism with things like wayfinding, social cueing, task sequencing and behavioral prompting - all techniques that can be very effecive accommodations in the workplace!

And for more information, read this blog about how these meetings inspired the community! View the final event below, hosted by Fenway Park in Boston! Check out the video here, and for more information from the VCU Autism Center for Excellence page on Technology and ASD, click here!

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It’s a time when you construct a future; a platform of sorts that will benefit you later down the road.