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Each group was matched by age, sex, and non-verbal IQ.'All children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) are capable of making progress with intensive therapy, but with our current state of knowledge most do not achieve the kind of optimal outcome that we are studying,' said Dr Fein.

Subsequent reports from this study should tell us more about the nature of autism and the role of therapy and other factors in the long term out come for these children.'The results suggested that recovering children tended to have relatively milder social difficulties early in life.

These rats also grew more cells in their brains over the course of the study—and had more connections between those cells—than the more virginal rats.

You’re obviously no rat, but researchers believe the finding may hold true in humans as well, thanks to the lower levels of stress hormones and anxiety found in people who have sex more frequently. Pour Yourself A Drink Yes, too much alcohol isn’t ever going to do your body—or brain— much good.

In a lot of ways, your overall intelligence is fairly well established before you ever have anything to do with it.

Family genetics, your diet as an infant, vaccinations, illnesses during childhood, your preschool education, even the types of punishment your parents chose to dish out—there are studies linking all these factors and hundreds more to your eventual smarts as an adult.Revision should never simply be seen as soaking up knowledge.

This data can be in the form of human readable text or through the use of barcoding, which aids in the process of authenticating the data electronically.… continue reading »

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